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A new book on Ireland’s Butterflies is available now.

The culmination of over 25 years of study, THE IRISH BUTTERFLY BOOK documents the full life cycle of every Irish butterfly from egg to adult butterfly and includes 400 original colour photographs which are truly stunning. There are one or more photos for each life stage of every species making this book the first of its kind.

Among the contents of this book are:

· Butterfly ecology

· Gardening advice

· Butterfly life cycles and behaviour

· A site guide detailing the best places in Ireland to see butterflies

THE IRISH BUTTERFLY BOOK has its own YouTube channel (linked to within the book) where you can enjoy film footage of Ireland’s butterflies.
The mysterious behaviour of Ireland’s butterflies is explored in this book.

Why do some female Speckled Woods flaunt themselves at males, while other female Speckled Woods behave so evasively? Can Brimstone butterflies forecast the weather?

How does the male Green-veined White butterfly react when he faces competition for a mate? Do some social caterpillars cannibalise? Why do male Brown Hairstreaks ignore females after 11 am? Why do we never see Painted Ladies depart from Ireland during autumn? Why do some male butterflies check caterpillar foodplants? Is the warming climate making life easier or harder for Ireland’s butterflies?

Beautifully presented, with large font size and accessible text, this book is a great addition to the Irish wildlife bibliography.

Further information: https://butterflyconservation.ie/wp/2021/12/06/the-irish-butterfly-book/

ISBN 978-0-9560546-1-6. Softback. B5 size. Full-colour printing, 328 pages. €35

Price includes postage

Contact: jesmondmharding@gmail.com

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