Butterfly Records 2013

2013 Records

Richella Duggan: 29/03/2013
Small Tortoiseshell was seen by Richella Duggan in Bellview Heights, Mullingar, County Westmeath, N45020 53317, at 14:40 pm. Conditions – bright & sunny but cold! 5 degrees in the shade.


Jesmond Harding: 02/04/2013
Two Peacocks seen together in Dromore Wood, County Clare, R354864, at 12:20 pm. They were basking on dry leaves at the junction of two rides along a marked walking trail. Conditions were sunny, bright, calm but cool.

Jesmond Harding: 02/04/2013
One Peacock seen basking on low bramble in Garryland Wood, County Galway, M411035, at 5pm.

Jesmond Harding: 03/04/2013
Five Brimstones, all males and two Peacocks seen at Coolorta, County Clare, R344967, near entrance to Burren National Park. Brimstones started to appear at 1 pm. Conditions were sunny, breezy with temperature reaching 12 degrees Celsius at 2 pm.

David Doherty/Jesmond Harding: 06/04/2013
One Peacock, male, patrolling and feeding along foot of stone wall at NUI Maynooth, South Campus, County Kildare, N934375, at c.12pm. Sunny, calm, ten degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 06/04/2013
Two male Brimstones, flying low along and among sunny, sheltered scrub in Lullybeg, County Kildare, N688256 at 2:42 pm. Sunny, calm, nine degrees Celsius.

Joseph Harding: 13/04/2013
One Peacock seen by Joseph Harding in a garden in Roseville Estate, Naas, County Kildare, N906207 at midday. Mainly dull with some sunny spells, windy, temperature around 12 degrees Celsius.

Paddy Sheridan: 15/04/2013
Two Small Tortoiseshells seen by Paddy Sheridan in his garden, Ballyvoneen, Enfield, County Kildare, N8044408, at 2 pm. Sunny/windy, 13 degrees Celsius.

Alex Harding: 19/04/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell seen by Alex Harding in school yard, Mulhussey, County Meath, at 12:40 pm. Sunny, c.12 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 19/04/2013
13 Hebrew Characters, 3 Early Greys, 2 Common Quakers in garden Mulhussey, County Meath, N922425. Night clear, cool, slight grass frost.

Alex Harding: 20/04/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell at Maynooth Post-primary School, County Kildare, N940379, at 10:34 am. Sunny, 12 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 20/04/2013
Two Small Tortoiseshells on Lullybeg Reserve, Lullybeg, County Kildare, N688256 at 2:55 pm. Windy, mainly overcast, 13 degrees Celsius.

Peter Kelly, Jesmond Harding: 21/04/2013
One Peacock in garden, Portmarnock, County Dublin, O239444, at 3 pm. Sunny, windy, 15 degrees Celsius.

Paddy Sheridan,
16/04/2013 1 Brimstone, Ballyfore, County Offaly at N597304. Flying on road, sunny 14 degrees Celsius.

19/04/2013 1 Peacock, Thomastown County Kildare at N733396. Sunny, 13 degrees Celsius.

21/04/2013 1 Brimstone, Pollardstown Fen County Kildare. N774156. Sunny 13 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell: 19/04/2013
Pat Bell, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Small Whites, 1 Peacock, 19/04/2013, Royal Canal Maynooth transect (KE06), N940375, sunny c.15 degrees Celsius.

Alex Harding: 23/04/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell on school grounds, Mulhussey, County Meath, at 2:25 pm. Sunny, mild, 16 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell: 23/04/2013
One Holly Blue, 23/04/2013, Maynooth garden N941370, sunny c.16 degrees Celsius; my first sighting of the year, flitting over my ever reliable berberis even though it’s not in blossom yet!

Jesmond and Alex Harding: 27/04/2013
Four Brimstones, Lullybeg, County Kildare, at N688256. Sunny, light winds, 13 degrees Celsius.
One Green-veined White, male, on celendine, Lullymore, County Kildare, at N706264.
One Brimstone, Lullymore, County Kildare, crossing road at N724263.

Pat Bell: 29/04/2013
One Large White Maynooth garden, County Kildare at N941370. Sunny c.11 degrees Celsius, windy, my first sighting of the year (2 photos attached on dandelion & damson blossom; see Home Page for images)

Alex Harding: 30/04/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell at 11:05 am and one Green-veined White at 12:45 pm seen by Alex Harding in the school yard, Mulhussey, County Meath. Sunny, c.11 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan: 30/04/2013
One Peacock in my garden at Ballyvoneen, County Kildare at N804408. Sunny and mild at 12 Celsius.

John Lovatt: 30/04/2013
One Latticed Heath, Drehid Bog, County Kildare.

Chris Wild: 01/05/2013
One Brimstone, one Orange-tip, one Small Tortoiseshell at 2:30 pm in Emo Woods, County Laois.

Jesmond and Alex Harding: 01/05/2013
Two Green-veined Whites (males) and one Speckled Wood (pristine female) on Mulhussey Lane, County Meath at N915424 and N915423 and 4:15 and 4:35 pm respectively. Sunny, light winds, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 02/05/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell flying across the road near Carton Demesne, County Kildare, N950378 at 4:20.Sunny, 16 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan: 05/05/2013
13 Peacocks, two Brimstones and nine Green-veined Whites all on my butterfly transect at Hortland, County Kildare, N794357. Sunny/cloudy/windy 16 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 06/05/2013
One Orange-tip, male, flying along a ditch at Kealstown, near Ladychapel Church, County Kildare, N904345 at 12:38 pm. Mainly dull, but the sky was beginning to clear; c.15 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond & Alex Harding: 06/05/2013
Six Green-veined Whites, one Orange-tip, one Small Tortoiseshell, two Speckled Woods were seen along Mulhussey Lane, County Meath, between N915424 and N915423 from 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm. Sunny, temperature c.15 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 06/05/2013
Five Green-veined Whites, one Small White, one Large White, four Orange-tips, five Small Tortoiseshells, six Peacocks, one Speckled Wood at Louisa Bridge, Leixlip, County Kildare, O992368 between 3 pm and 4:30 pm. Sunny, 18 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan: 06/05/2013
One Orange-tip in my garden at Ballyvoneen County Kildare, N804408. Sunny/windy 18 Celsius.

Two Green-veined Whites and one Speckled Wood on the canal at Possextown County Meath, N787417. Sunny/windy 18 Celsius.

John Lovatt: 07/05/2013
Four Red Admirals at Slade Lane, The Hook, Wexford. (This site is sheltered and often sees a build-up in Red Admiral numbers in late autumn)

Patrick Sheridan: 07/05/2013
One Orange-tip Killeen, County Meath, N934544. Sunny/warm 18 Celsius.

Philip Strickland: 10/05/2013
One Green Hairstreak, two Green-veined Whites and Orange-tip eggs on Cuckoo flowers found on Timahoe Bog, County Kildare.

Jesmond Harding: 14/05/2013
One Small Copper was seen in garden in Mulhussey, County Meath, N922425. Sunny, calm,c.14 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 17/05/2013
One Small White, eleven Green-veined Whites including a mating pair, nine Orange-tips, three Small Tortoiseshells (one female), one Peacock (female), three Speckled Woods seen from 1 pm- 2 pm on Mulhussey Lane, County Meath at N915423. Sunny, light winds, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Dermot Doran/Paddy Sheridan: 14/05/2013
Three Orange-tips and two Small Tortoiseshells, two Speckled Woods mating at Thomastown County Kildare, N733396. Sunny/sheltered at 13 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 19/05/2013
One Emperor moth (male), five Common Heaths (one female), five Green-veined Whites, two Orange-tips, one Peacock, three Speckled Woods seen on Timahoe Bog, County Kildare. Overcast, calm, mild, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Paddy Sheridan 19/05/2013:
One Brimstone (female),15 Green-veined Whites,3 Large Whites, one Orange-tip, 10 peacocks, one Speckled Wood at Hortland County Kildare, N794397. Sunny/warm 17Celsius.

John Lovatt 19/05/2013
One Holly Blue in back garden, Donabate, County Dublin.
One Holly Blue on Newbridge Park butterfly transect, County Dublin. Sunny, c.15 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 25/05/2013
Eight Dingy Skippers, one Brimstone, two Orange-tips, two Green-veined Whites, one Burnet Companion, one Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth seen at Lullymore, County Kildare, N696262. Sunny, light breeze, c.12 degrees Celsius.

Two Dingy Skippers, three Orange-tips, eight Green-veined Whites, three Brimstones (two egg-laying), one Peacock, three Mother Shiptons, three Burnet Companions seen on/adjacent to Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare, N687258. Weather as above.

11 Green Hairstreaks, one Green-veined White, one Orange-tip, two Peacocks, one Speckled Wood seen on Timahoe Bog, County Kildare. Sunny, 17 degrees Celsius.

Two Dingy Skippers, 12 Cryptic Wood Whites, two Green-veined Whites, two Orange-tips seen along the banks of Royal Canal, Posseckstown, County Meath, N785417. Sunny, 18 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan 25/05/2013
24 Green-veined Whites, six Small Coppers,one Large White,3 Orange-tip, four Peacocks, 2 Speckled Woods seen in Hortland County Kildare. Sunny/calm at 16 Celsius.

Five Dingy Skippers, three Green-veined Whites, one Common
Blues, two Wall Browns. Site near Longwood, County Meath. Sunny/sheltered at 17 Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan 26/05/2013

Six Dingy Skippers, two Wall Browns. Site near Killucan, County Westmeath. Sunny/sheltered, 16 degrees Celsius.

Four Dingy skippers.Site near Kinnegad, County Westmeath. Cloudy/sunny 17 degrees Celsius.

Six Dingy Skippers, one Cryptic Wood White, two Green-veined Whites, one Orange-tip, two Speckled Woods. Site near Kilbeggan, County Westmeath. Broken cloud, 16 degrees Celsius.

13 Dingy Skippers, one Cryptic Wood White, one Green-veined White, one Wall Brown. Site near Edenderry, County Offaly. Sunny/sheltered at 16 degrees Celsius.

See Home Page for images of Wall Brown and Dingy Skipper by Patrick Sheridan.

Philip Strickland: 26/05/2013
Brimstone, Dingy Skipper, Mother Shipton, Narrow-bordered Bee
Hawk-moth and Small Purple-barred seen at Lullybeg (N687258)/Lullymore (N696262).Sunny.

Jesmond Harding: 28/05/2013
18 Green-veined Whites, six Orange-tips, one Large White (female), one Speckled Wood seen at Ballinascorney Upper, County Dublin O057213. Mainly cloudy, some sunshine, c. 14 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 01/06/2013
One Dingy Skipper, one Wood White, two Small Heaths, six Speckled Yellows, five Burnet Companions at Parknabinnia, County Clare, R262943. Windy, occasional weak sunshine, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Six Dingy Skippers, three Wood Whites, three Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, one Wall Brown, 10 Speckled Yellows, five Burnet Companions, two White-spotted Sablesseen at Fahee North, County Clare, M299003. Windy, intermittent sunshine, c.17 degrees Celsius. Photographs on Home Page.

Mary Howard: 01/06/2013
Two Small Blues (one confirmed female from photograph) seen near Black Head, County Clare, M1510710618. Sunny.

Jesmond Harding: 02/06/2013
33 Dingy Skippers, eight Wood Whites, seven Green-veined Whites, one Large White, three Small Coppers, 12 Pearl-bordered Fritillaries, one Marsh Fritillary, one Wall Brown, two Small Heaths, 20+Speckled Yellows, one Mother Shipton, four Burnet Companions seen at Clooncoose, along track, limestone grassland and grassland/scrub interface, County Clare, R278955.

Andrew and Jesmond Harding: 04/06/2013
Five Dingy Skippers, three Brimstones, 15 Marsh Fritillaries; only two of these were seen inside the Irish Peatland Conservation Council reserve which is now mainly overgrown with birch scrub; butterflies seen in Lullymore, County Kildare, N706264. Sunny, very light breeze, 17 degrees Celsius.

Andrew and Jesmond Harding: 05/06/2013
Seven Dingy Skippers (also three ova), one Cryptic Wood White, three Green-veined Whites, five Orange-tips, two Small Coppers, two Common Blues, 20 Marsh Fritillaries, three Small Heaths, one Cinnabar, two Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoths, uncounted Burnet Companions also observed on Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare, N687258. Sunny, breezy, 18 degrees Celsius.

John Lovatt: 05/06/2013
Two Cryptic Wood White, Common Blue 37, Small Blue 66, one Wall Brown, one Speckled Wood, 14 Small Heath seen at Portrane Burrow, County Dublin O254515. between 1425-1625. Sunny, 19 degrees Celsius, wind easterly, force 2.

Philip Strickland: 07/06/2012
50 Small Blues seen in Raven dunes, County Wexford, T113265. Warm, sunny.

John Lovatt, Pat Bell, Gerry McManus, Eddie Gilligan, Jesmond Harding: 08/06/2013
Portrane Dunes: One Large White, one Wood White, one Small White, 83 Common Blues, 136 Small Blues (including two mating pairs), 8 Wall Browns, 40 Small Heaths.

Portrane Salt Marsh: One Large White, five Common Blues, one Small Blue, 27 Small Heaths, one Speckled Wood, ( nearby path) one Cinnabar Moth all at Portrane Burrow, County Dublin, O254515, between 1:20 pm and 3 pm. (Total seen: 299) Sunny, light easterly breeze, c.22 degrees Celsius.

Bob Strickland: 08/06/2013
One Holly Blue on ivy in garden, Lucan, County Dublin. Warm sunny, over 20 degrees Celsius.

Peadar O’ Ceallaigh, Jesmond Harding: 09/06/2013
One Small White, 47 Small Blues (all on sheltered west-facing areas of well-vegetated dunes), 20 plus Common Blues, 10 plus Small Heath seen on Portmarnock sand dunes, County Dublin, O249427 between 4:30 and 6 pm. Sunny, strong breeze, c.21 degrees Celsius.

Andrew Harding: 16/06/2013
One Meadow Brown, male, in back garden, Mulhussey, County Meath, N922425. The garden butterfly list for the year to date is eight species. Bright, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 18/06/2013
Four Dingy Skippers, one Small Copper, one Green-veined White, two Brimstone adults and five larvae, four Marsh Fritillaries, 23 Small Heaths, one Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoths, one Silver-ground Carpet, two Lattice Heaths, several Burnet Companions seen on Crabtree Reserve, Lullybeg, County Kildare, N687258. Warm, mainly overcast with some hazy sunshine, c.18 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding: 18/06/2013
Four Cryptic Wood Whites, ten plus Marsh Fritillaries including a freshly emerged female, 15 plus Small Heaths, and several burnet moths, possibly Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnets seen on Pollardstown Fen, County Kildare. Sunny, 22 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 18/06/2013
One Small Copper, one Green-veined White, four Meadow Browns, all fresh individuals, one Silver-ground Carpet seen in my garden at Mulhussey, County Meath, N922425. Sunny, 22 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 20/06/2013
One Cryptic Wood White, one Green-veined White, 13 Orange-tips, one Common Blue, 18 Marsh Fritillaries, 33 Small Heaths seen on Dunshane Common, County Kildare, N880128 from 10-12:30. Mainly hazy sunshine, calm, temperature ranged between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.

John Lovatt 21/06/2013
Two Meadow Browns, Newbridge Park, County Dublin, O2150. Sunny, c.19 degrees Celsius.

Philip Strickland, Jesmond Harding 20/06-21/06/2013
Fox MothBirch MochaRed-necked Footman, Brimstone Moth, Peppered Moth, Small Angle Shades, Poplar Hawkmoth, Iron Prominent, Buff Ermine, Knotgrass, Dusky Brocade, Heart and Dart, Green Silver-lines and Beautiful Snout were among the moths found at Lullymore Heritage Park, County Kildare, N702250. Mild, calm night, c.15 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 18/06/2013
One Small Copper, one Speckled Wood, one Ringlet, four Meadow Browns and one Yellow Shell in my garden at Mulhussey, County Meath, N922425. Sunshine between showers, c.14 degrees Celsius.

Andrew Harding and Jesmond Harding 24/06/2013
13 Cryptic Wood Whites, one Orange-tip, 19 Common Blues, two Speckled Woods and 12 Meadow Browns were seen in 40 minutes this morning on the bank of the Royal Canal, Posseckstown, County Meath, N785417. Sunny, 13 degrees Celsius.

John Lovatt 25/06/2013
Large Heath seen near Bellacorick, County Mayo.

Jesmond Harding 26/06/2013
One Red-tipped Clearing (feeding on bramble), one Red-necked Footman, two Green Hairstreaks, one Small Copper, two Small Tortoiseshells, 10 Speckled Woods, one Ringlet, five Small Heaths, 35 Large Heaths seen on Timahoe Bog, County Kildare. Sunny intervals, c.18 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan 29/06/2013
One Cryptic Wood White, two Small Whites, one Peacock, seven Speckled Woods, one Meadow Brown four Ringlets, one Small Heath 1 (first record for me on this site for small heath) on my transect at Hortland, County Kildare. Broken cloud/windy 21C.

Jesmond Harding 29/06/2013
One Brimstone (adult female), one Brimstone larva, four Common Blues, two Marsh Fritillaries (both females, one seeking oviposition site), five Meadow Browns, three Ringlets, 48 Small Heaths, one Burnet Companion on BCI reserve at Lullybeg, County Kildare, N687258. Sunny, windy, 21 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 04/07/2013
10 Dark Green Fritillaries seen at Gortlecka, County Clare, R304945. Dull, breezy, c.16 degrees Celsius.

Andrew and Jesmond Harding 05/07/2013
Three Dingy Skippers, one freshly emerged, 13 Wood Whites, 6 Small Blues, 32 Common Blues, 11 Dark Green Fritillaries, 13 Speckled Woods, 32 Small Heaths seen between Murroogh and Murrooghtoohy, County Clare, M152110 (M 15153 11029 to M 15457 11539). Habitats present along the track walked are calcareous grassland, calcareous heath, limestone pavement, scrub and wet flushes. Sunny, breezy, 18 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell 05/07/2013
Four Small Whites, six Small Tortoiseshells, two Speckled Woods, 56 Meadow Browns, 12 Ringlets, (total 80), Stacumny, County Kildare transect (KE12), N997318. Sunny c.20 Celsius. This transect is where I have my allotment and there is lovely natural meadow adjacent to the allotments – numbers were small up to this though. This transect has been approved by the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme. I would encourage BCI members who are participants in this scheme to use their new online system for submitting monitoring data. They work with limited resources and if all 150 or so recorders send in 26 sheets of paper at the same time they will be swamped. Another incentive to do this is that by registering for this system you can view the evolving butterfly scene over the whole country as it evolves through the summer!

Jesmond Harding 06/07/2013
10 Six-spot Burnets, 17 Transparent Burnets, two Dew Moths, 50 Chimney Sweepers, two Burnet Companions, several plume moths, one Wood White, 27 Common Blues, six Dark Green Fritillaries, 11 Meadow Browns, including one larva, three Speckled Woods, two Small Heaths seen at Parknabinnia, County Clare, R262943. Mainly dull, but warm, c.18 degrees Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan 06/07/2013
Three Green-veined Whites, two Small Whites, one Common Blue, one Silver-washed Fritillary, 10 Speckled Woods, 11 Meadow Browns, 5 Ringlets, two Large Heaths seen on my transect at Hortland, County Kildare. Sunny, hot, 23 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 07/07/2013
Two Green-veined Whites, one Holly Blue, six Speckled Woods, nine Meadow Browns, three Ringlets along roadside at Mulhussey, County Meath. Hedge banks still uncut, providing excellent semi-natural habitat. Sunny, c.23 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 08/07/2013
Five Small Skippers (see Home Page for photograph), three Green Hairstreaks, 6 Small Tortoiseshells, several hundred Peacock larvae in five batches, in at least two in-stars, several Meadow Browns and Ringlets, one Small Heath, seven Large Heaths, one Wood Tiger seen on Timahoe Bog and grassland, County Kildare. Sunny, hot, 25 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell, 10/07/2013.
One Green-veined White, one Large White, eight Small Whites, two Small Tortoiseshells, two Speckled Woods, 29 Ringlets, 11 Meadow Browns,(total 54 – highest ever on this transect), Royal Canal Maynooth transect (KE06), N940375, Sunny c.22 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 11/07/2013
One Large White, four Common Blues, 21 Dark Green Fritillaries, all males, patrolling flower rich dunes within and adjoining the golf links, numerous Meadow Browns, 10 Ringlets, 32 Small Heaths seen at Baltray, County Louth, O147779. Sunny, light breeze, 24 Celsius.

Pat Bell 12/07/2013
10 Small Whites, 27 Small Tortoiseshells, 83 Meadow Browns, 41 Ringlets,(total 161), Stacumny, Co. Kildare transect (KE12), N997318. Large numbers but limited variety so far. Sunny c.26 Celsius.

John Lovatt, Andrew and Jesmond Harding 12/07/2013
One Green-veined White, 15 Meadow Browns, one Oak/Northern Eggar seen on lower slopes (except Green-veined White, found at altitude) of Mt Nephin, County Mayo, G110104. Hazy Sunshine, 25 Celsius.

Harding family 13/07/2013
One Wood White, three Green-veined Whites, 24 Common Blues, three Small Tortoiseshells, 51 Dark Green Fritillaries, 12 Silver-washed Fritillaries, five Speckled Woods, 10 plus Meadow Browns, 10 plus Ringlets, five Small Heaths, two Six-spot Burnets seen between gate at Creevagh and c.400 metres east of cottage in Clooncoose, County Clare, R273954 to R288950. Hot sunny, mid-20’s Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 14/07/2013
One pristine Brimstone (male), several Green-veined Whites, one Dark Green Fritillary (female), three Silver-washed Fritillaries, several Meadow Browns, Ringlets seen on “Castle Trail” in Dromore Wood, County Clare, R345879. Hot, sunny, mid-20’s Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 15/07/2013
200 Dark Green Fritillaries, one Grayling seen in Clooncoose, County Clare, R280950.Cloudy early, sunny later, c.23 degrees Celsius max.

Jesmond Harding 16/07/2013
One very tattered, aged Peacock seen near Kilnaboy on roadside; looked like it had been stunned by passing vehicle. Still alive when found at R273915, County Clare. Hot, c.27 degrees Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 18/07/2013
One Brimstone (pristine female), one Small White, 14 Green-veined Whites, four Common Blues, one Speckled Wood, 92 Meadow Browns, 106 Ringlets, 12 Small Heaths seen on Lullybeg Reserve and one Small Tortoiseshell, one Silver-washed Fritillary seen close to Lullybeg site,N687258, County Kildare. Hot, mainly sunny, 25 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell 19/07/2013
14 Small Whites, 20 Green-veined Whites, 4 Large Whites, 39 Small Tortoiseshells, two Speckled Woods, 86 Meadow Browns, 40 Ringlets (total 205), seen at Stacumny, Co. Kildare transect (KE12), N997318. Sunny c.25 Celsius.

Patrick Sheridan 20/07/2013
27 Green-veined Whites, nine Small Whites, one Large White, one Small Copper, two Small Tortoiseshells, one Red Admiral, two Speckled Woods, 20 Meadow Browns, 90 Ringlets seen at Hortland, County Kildare. Cloudy/warm/20 degrees Celsius.

Pat Bell 23/07/2012.
Two Large Whites, four Small Whites, one Green-veined White, one Holly Blue, 14 Small Tortoiseshells, two Peacocks, one Red Admiral counted in my garden in Maynooth, N941370. Sunny c. 26 Celsius.

Jesmond & Jane Harding 26/07/2013
One Brimstone, 22 Green-veined Whites, two Small Whites, one Large White, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Peacock, 36 Meadow Browns, 62 Ringlets, three Small Heaths, two Six-spot Burnet moths, one Lesser Cream Wave seen in Lullybeg, County Kildare. Mainly dull, calm, 21 degrees Celsius.

David Nixon 26/07/2013:
15 Green-veined Whites, 50 + Small Skippers, one Small Copper, 10 Peacocks, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 15 Meadow Browns, 30+ Ringlets, 1 Scarce Silver Y, all at Timahoe Bog, County Kildare. Overcast but warm, 21 Celsius.

Pat Bell 02/08/2013
15 Small Whites, 5 Green-veined Whites, eight Large Whites, three Small Tortoiseshells seen on my Royal Canal Maynooth transect (KE06), N940375, 75% sun, c.21 Celsius.

Pat Bell 03/08/2013.
27 Small Whites, 56 Green-veined Whites, 9 Large Whites, nine Small Tortoiseshells, 14 Peacocks, six Meadow Browns (total 121) counted in Stacumny, Co. Kildare transect (KE12), N997318. 60% sun c. 21 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 02/08/2013

One Brown Hairstreak, two Peacocks, one Silver-washed Fritillary, one Speckled Wood, several Meadow Browns, Gortlecka, County Clare, R304942. Dull, cool, c.16 degrees Celsius.

Several Green-veined Whites, Two Small Coppers, one Common Blue, seven Brown Hairstreaks, four Peacocks, one Silver-washed Fritillary, several Meadow Browns and Ringlets (latter worn), two Graylings seen at Gortlecka, County Clare, R302943 and R304942. Intermittent sunshine, c.18 Celsius.

One Wood White, pristine female, possibly a second brood individual but no more seen, three Brown Hairstreaks,Peacocks, Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns, Ringlets seen at Gortlecka, County Clare, R302943 and R304942. Intermittent sunshine, c.18 Celsius.

Burrenbeo Trust Walk 04/08/2013
One Brimstone, several Green-veined Whites (20 plus), one Small White, two Small Coppers, several Common Blues (15 plus), one Dark Green Fritillary, one Silver-washed Fritillary, one Wall (second brood), several Meadow Browns, Graylings, one Small Heath, one Burren Green feeding on Common Knapweed, several well developed Cinnabar larvae on isolated Common Ragwort in open situation, one Ear Moth on Common Ragwort seen on Michael Keane’s farm at Lyan, County Clare, R369933. Light rain followed by dull and sunny spells, maximum temperature 20 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 05/08/2013
Six Brimstones, 10 Green-veined Whites, four Large Whites, one Small Copper, one Common Blue,16 Brown Hairstreaks (males), one Small Tortoiseshell, 10 Peacocks, one Red Admiral, two Silver-washed Fritillaries, two Dark Green Fritillary, Speckled Woods, Meadow Browns, one Small Heath, two Shaded Broad-bars seen at Gortlecka, County Clare, R302943 and R304942. Sunny, 21 Celsius.

Philip Strickland 05/08/2013
One Beautiful Hook-tip, the first record for Ireland, found by Philip in his garden in Maynooth, County Kildare.

Pat Bell 07/08/2012.
Eight Large Whites, 14 Small Whites, one Green-veined White, 10 Small Tortoiseshells, six Peacocks, one Red Admiral were seen in my garden in Maynooth, N941370. Sunny c.20 Celsius.

Eddie Gilligan and Jesmond Harding 08/08/2013
One Small White, one Large White, three Green-veined Whites, one Small Copper, four Common Blues, one Holly Blue, one Small Tortoiseshell, five Peacocks, one Speckled Wood, one Meadow Brown, two Shaded Broad-bars seen Louisa Bridge, County Kildare. Sunny, breezy, 21 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 09/08/2013
12 Marsh Fritillary larval nests found on Lullybeg Butterfly Reserve, County Kildare. Some held newly hatched larvae, and one had second in-star larvae. The figure is evidence of a recovery in progress with last autumn a low point, with only two nests found. See Home Page for details.

Kieran Finch 13/08/2013
One Comma seen in Enniskerry, County Wicklow. Sunny, c.19 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 19/08/2013
Forty plus Common Blues, 10+ Small Coppers, 20+ Small Tortoiseshells, two Peacocks, four Meadow Browns, 10+ Graylings, including mating pair found at Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, T317845. Intermittent sunshine, c.20 Celsius.

Ten plus Small Whites, one Large White, 10 Small Coppers, 15+ Common Blues, 10+ Small Tortoiseshells, one Painted Lady along coastline behind St John’s Church of Ireland, Ardamine, Courtown, County Wexford.

Fifty plus Small Whites, one Large White, 100+ Common Blues, 20+ Small Coppers, 20+ Small Tortoiseshells, four Meadow Browns, 10+ Graylings at Old Bawn, Cahore, County Wexford, T 215462. Mainly overcast, some rain, later bright sunshine, c.18 Celsius. The most extraordinary feature of all three sites was the phenomenal number of Seven-spot Ladybirds; hundreds were seen dead on the roadsides, perched on parked cars, vegetation, etc, recalling the summer of 1976.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 19/08/2013
One Green-veined White, one Large White, one Common Blue, one Small Tortoiseshell, one Peacock at Monavugga roadside, near Knockmealdown Mts, S062052.

10 Small Tortoiseshells, two Peacocks, three Red Admirals near Grange, Waterford, X151805. Sunny, 19 Celsius.

One Large White, one Common Blue, 11 Small Tortoiseshells, 10 Red Admirals, 2 Painted Lady at Ardmore Cliff walk, County Waterford, X 201772. Sunny intervals, 18 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 20/08/2013
One Green-veined White, Six Small Whites, 15 Large Whites, two Small Coppers, one Common Blue, seven Small Tortoiseshells, 19 Peacocks, one Red Admiral (overall total 52) counted in my garden in Mulhussey, County Meath. Mainly overcast but calm and warm, 19 degrees Celsius.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 20/08/2013
One Large White, 3 Large Whites, 5 Small Coppers, 60 Common Blues, 5 Red Admirals, 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 5 Speckled Woods, 3 Hedge Browns, 2 Meadow Browns, at The Raven, County Wexford, T113252. Sunny, 20 Celsius.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 21/08/2013
2 Green-veined Whites, 4 Small Whites, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Speckled Woods at Clogheen loop, near Cahir County Tipperary, S006138. Moderate weather, sunny spells.

One Green-veined White, 15 Common Blues, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 8 Peacocks,1 Red Admiral, 4 Speckled Woods, 1 Meadow Brown at Kilballyboy Wood, near Clogheen, County Tipperary S020123. Sunny 21 Celsius.

Five Green-veined Whites, 1 Small White, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 12 Peacocks, 4 Red Admirals at Lake Muskry, Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary, R917283. Moderate weather, sunny intervals.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 22/08/2013
8 Brimstones, 8 Green-veined Whites, 3 Small Coppers, one Brown Hairstreak (female), 9 Peacocks, 9 Silver-washed Fritillaries, 1 Meadow Brown seen in Dromore Wood, County Clare, R356861. Ideal conditions.

One Common Blue, 3 Brown Hairstreaks (2 males at R303943, female at R305944), 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 19 Peacocks,3 Speckled Woods, 9 Meadow Browns at Gortlecka, County Clare. Ideal weather.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 24/08/2013
One Brimstone, 2 Green-veined White, 4 Small White, 3 Brown Hairstreaks (males on Ash by farm gate on track at grid ref below), 7 Common Blue, 1 Small Copper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 7 Peacock, 6 Speckled Wood, 2 Meadow Browns seen at Commons of Carney, Tipperary, R870919. Mainly cloudy but warm, with brief sunshine.

Tom and Rosaleen Dunbar 25/08/2013
Large White, Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Brown Hairstreak (seen on hedgerow, oviposition observed), 6 Speckled Wood, 1 Wall Brown,1 Grayling at Ballyportry South, County Clare, R303910. Two sunny spells.

One Small Copper, 5 Speckled Woods, 5 Wall Browns, 12 Graylings seen off R460, County Clare at R364958. Cloudy, 15 Celsius, but Graylings active.

John Lovatt 28/08/2013
One Small White, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 7 Peacocks, ( I saw a Great Tit take a Peacock from within a Lilac bush where it was beginning to roost. It caught it by the head, went to ground and ate part of it, before flying off with the butterfly, probably because of me and colleague. Some Peacocks were seeking the last warm places on concrete, wooden electricity pole etc before going to roost.)3 Red Admirals, one Silver-washed Fritillary seen from 6:30 pm at Crover, Lough Sheelin, County Cavan.

Jesmond Harding 06/09/2013
One Green-veined White, 6 Brimstones, 2 Common Blues, 1 Small Copper, 287 Small Tortoiseshells, (large numbers of Small Tortoiseshells were predicted in July) 65 Peacocks, 1 Painted Lady 1 Silver-washed Fritillary (male), 7 Speckled Woods seen on Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare. Cloudy with sunny intervals, light breeze, 16 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 14/09/2013
Three Green-veined Whites, 14 Brimstones, 2 Small Coppers, 2 Common Blues, 105 Small Tortoiseshells, 21 Peacocks and 15 Speckled Woods seen on Lullybeg reserve, County Kildare. Winds light, northerly, mainly sunny, 16 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 21/09/2013
One Brimstone, one Small Copper (very worn), six Small Tortoiseshells at Lullybeg, near reserve, County Kildare. Winds light, SW, c.19 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 22/09/2013
Ten Brimstones, 2 Green-veined Whites, one Common Blue, 80 Small Tortoiseshells (mainly fresh, third brood), 15 Peacocks, four Red Admirals, 11 Speckled Woods (113 individuals in total) seen at Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare. Sunny, 19-21 Celsius.

Three Brimstones, 10 Small Tortoiseshells 4 Marsh Fritillary larvae, third instar, one Vapourer moth, several Silver Y moths seen in Lullymore, County Kildare. Conditions as above.

Fifteen Small Tortoiseshells one Peacock seen in my garden feeding on Devil’s-bit Scabious and Ice Plant, Mulhussey, County Meath. Conditions as above.

Jesmond Harding 23/09/2013
Four Small Tortoiseshells (two on/near nettle patches; will attempt at fourth brood be made? Some third brood pupae still present;) five Speckled Woods along Mulhussey lane, County Meath. Overcast but generally bright, and calm, c.21 Celsius at 5:30 pm.

Jesmond Harding 28/09/2013
77 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 4 Speckled Woods in Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare. Warm, sunny, light to fresh south-easterly breeze, c.19 Celsius.

One Brimstone, one Green-veined White, 10 Small Tortoiseshells, one Peacock, four Speckled Woods seen in Lullymore cutaway, County Kildare. Conditions as above.

Peter Kelly, Jesmond Harding 29/09/2013
One Large White, 5 Red Admirals, 1 Speckled Wood; all except Speckled Wood on Buddleia in the back garden in Portmarnock, County Dublin. Intermittent sunshine, c.18 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 29/09/2013
Two Small White larvae on Wavy Bitter-cress, two Small White pupae on south-facing wall, nine Small Tortoiseshells on Devil’s-bit Scabious, one Silver Y moth on Devil’s-bit Scabious in my back garden, Mulhussey, County Meath. Warm, bright sunshine, c.18 Celsius.

John Lovatt 04/10/2013
Three Small Tortoiseshells seen coming in from the sea at Portrane Burrow, County Dublin.

Jesmond Harding 05/10/2013
Three Small Tortoiseshells, one Peacock (found in bedroom) two Speckled Woods in back garden in Mulhussey, County Meath. Sunny, warm, c.17 Celsius.

One Speckled Wood in South Campus, NUI Maynooth, County Kildare.

One Small Tortoiseshell, one Peacock, four Red Admirals and one Speckled Wood seen in Lullybeg, County Kildare. Temperature c.20 Celsius.

One Brimstone, 24 Small Tortoiseshells, one Red Admiral and several Silver Y moths seen in Lullybeg Reserve, County Kildare. Sunny, light breeze, 21 Celsius.

One Red Admiral on garden ivy, present for several days before this at Donabate, County Dublin.

One Small Tortoiseshell seen on Portrane Burrow, County Dublin.

Two Speckled Woods seen in Timahoe South (cutover bog), County Kildare. Mainly dull, highest temperature 15 Celsius.

Tom Dunbar 11/10/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell and a single Speckled Wood seen at Carney Commons, County Tipperary along with the following Brown Hairstreak eggs:
R870919 – 12 eggs + 1 hatched egg from the previous year
R868919 – 4 eggs
R871919 – 1 egg
R872921 – 1 egg
R872918 – 1 egg
R872921 – 1 egg

The R870919 (12 eggs) were all adjacent to a group of ashes where I saw 4 adults in August 2013.

Jesmond Harding 12/10/2013
One Small White larva, final in-star, still feeding on Wavy Bitter-cress that has self-seeded in pots containing holly located on south facing patio in Mulhussey, County Meath.

Philip Strickland 12/10/2013
Small Tortoiseshells, Peacock, Red Admirals, Speckled Woods, 6 Vapourer moths, Nettle-tap Moths (dozens around nettle clumps) were seen in Lullybeg, along tracks.

John Lovatt 14/10/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell, three Speckled Woods in Lullybeg (not in reserve) County Kildare.

Peter Behan 16/10/2013
One Comma settled on hedge ( specimen was photographed) in Arklow, near SAFC plant, County Wicklow.

Pat Bell 17/10/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell in the garden in Maynooth, County Kildare

John Lovatt 17/10/2013
One Clouded Yellow, 20 Red Admirals seen at The Hook, County Wexford. Sunny, c.16 Celsius.

John Lovatt 19/10/2013
Forty Red Admirals, 6 Painted Lady butterflies found in sheltered area at The Hook, County Wexford. Some Red Admirals were on grass, some on ivy, feeding, basking. Most Red Admirals were of fresh appearance but the Painted Ladies were worn.

Jesmond Harding 20/10/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell, two Red Admirals in field opposite Tesco in Maynooth, County Kildare. Heavy rain with sunny intervals, c.15 Celsius.

Pat Bell 23/10/2013
One Red Admiral seen at Louisa Bridge, County Kildare.

Jesmond Harding 27/10/2013
Brown Hairstreak eggs found on Blackthorn as follows: 7 at R303943 and 5 at R298943 (also Peppered Moth larva, 53 mm long, on Blackthorn) at Gortlecka, County Clare.

Jesmond Harding 29/10/2013
Two Red Admirals, one Speckled Wood (male), one Silver Y moth in sheltered lane in Mulhussey, County Meath. Sunny, breezy, c.10 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 30/10/2013
Two Red Admirals, one pristine; other had some minor hind-wing damage; this individual was inspecting vigorous nettles growing in profusion on a south-facing hedge bank. The butterflies were seen along road between Mulhussey Castle and Kilterns Gap, N918438, in County Meath. Some sunshine, high wind, rain, c.10 Celsius at 9:30 am.

Jesmond Harding 01/11/2013
One Red Admiral near St Brigid’s Well, Kilcock. Sunny, c13 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 14/11/2013
One Feathered Thorn moth in back garden, Mulhussey, County Meath.

Jesmond Harding 29/11/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell on neighbour’s window cill (i.e. outdoors) Mulhussey, County Meath. Sunny, c.9 Celsius.

Jesmond Harding 01/12/2013
One Small Tortoiseshell on the glazing bar of my bedroom window, roused from its rest by the central heating. The butterfly in pristine condition was then placed in the unheated utility room. Location: Mulhussey, County Meath.