Butterflies of Ireland

The photographs in the gallery are taken from “Discovering Irish butterflies & their Habitats” by J.M.Harding. The book contains advice on gardening for butterflies, gives details of the life cycle and distribution of all 35 Irish butterflies and provides a guide to the best sites in Ireland to see butterflies with directions and species lists.Contains over 150 photographs. Available by emailing author at Cost €12 plus p & p.

Ireland currently has thirty-five species of butterfly.There are thirty-two resident species and three regular migrants.

Irish butterflies are divided into five families.The butterflies are presented in their family groups.Information is given on each species together with a photograph.Where a marked sexual dimorphism exists both sexes are shown.The information (please click images across page) is placed under the following headings:


The details given are colour, differences between sexes and wingspan.


The details refer to larval foodplant. Adult butterflies take nectar from flowers and some also feed on ripe fruit and tree sap.

[3]Flight time:

The flight period, the number of broods [generations] and when the species overwinters in the adult stage this is stated. Most species pass the coldest months in the immature stages.


Favoured habitats are stated.


The Irish distribution of each butterfly is stated.