Annual Report 2020

The rain, wind and misery of January hang heavy on most people, especially on butterfly lovers, who miss the sunshine and happiness inseparable from butterflies. While we wait for better weather to renew our relationship with nature, it is nice to catch up on some reading. A good backdrop to the coming season is Butterfly Conservation Ireland’s Annual Report 2020, now available under the Report tab on this website. The hard copy of the report is free to members of Butterfly Conservation Ireland and will be posted soon. The report is available to non-members at €15.

We hope you enjoy our report and find plenty to interest you. If you have any question or inquiry don’t hesitate to contact us by email at:

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Butterfly Conservation Ireland, Butterfly House, Pagestown, Maynooth, County Kildare

We bring news of Ireland’s butterflies in our report but we also feature butterflies from faraway. This year we look at the butterflies of South Korea, in a special report brought to us by Michael Friel and Dongjun Cha. This lovely butterfly is Indian Awlking Choaspes benjaminii, related to our skipper butterflies.
Our report mainly tracks the fortunes of our native butterflies, such as the iconic Red Admiral. Like the Barn Swallow, the Red Admiral spends the summer and early autumn months here, but its winter quarters are found in warmer areas in southern Europe.