May Moths

Below is a sample of the moths flying in May. All are nocturnal, as are 95% of our moths, except for the final moth, the Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth, a day-flying bee mimic. We have over 1500 moth species in Ireland. Here are just a few.

Common Swift. This moth’s caterpillar feeds on the roots of grasses and other wild and cultivated plants.
Rustic Shoulder-knot. The larva feeds above ground on grass leaves, such as on Cock’s-foot Grass.
Broken-barred Carpet. This moth breeds on native trees including Common Hawthorn, Downy Birch and Pedunculate Oak. 
Pale Tussock moth. This species is better known for its funky, punk-rock larva.
Muslin Moth. The Irish form is cream-coloured, and the form in Britain is brown.
Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth. This moth flies and buzzes, like a bee.